Comm. Satcher: How Does Impeaching A President Who Left Unifying The Country?

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) discussed how the Democrats’ words about “unity” doesn’t match up with their actions.

“How do you unify a country when you’re impeaching a president who’s already left? How do you unify a country when you’re telling 75 million people that they’re not allowed to speak, they’re not even allowed to have a debate, they’re not even allowed to engage, engage in the public policy forum and debate that we have under our First Amendment here in the country? How do you unify when when you have this double standard, one set of rules for Democrats, but a different set for us regular guys like Jimmy Failla and Jim Jordan? I hope he means what he said in the Address the other day, because there were parts of it that I thought were good. But we’re not seeing the actions. We’re certainly not seeing the action.”Click here to read full article and listen to radio clip. 

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